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Kaiel Jackson


Name sounds like | KYLE

Born and raised in Southern California with a few years spent in Chicago. Happily married since March 7th, 2015. Became a father to a beautiful baby boy on March 25th, 2019. I’m definitely a mut according to 23 and me with a mix of African American, Dutch, French, German, Indonesian, Filipino, and a few others :P I absolutely love basketball and volleyball so I try to play one of these sports every couple of weeks :)

I love the Hawaiian culture and sea creatures so you may notice a “few” tattoos on me. I feel like I’m very approachable and very easy and fun to work!


I didn’t have a videography at my wedding and unfortunately our photographer was not that great. There are maybe 5 photos of my wife and I’s special day that we really like. That was when I wished I had a videographer at my wedding. Granted I didn’t know it was a thing until early 2018 when I saw a need from a friend saying they didn’t have a videographer and only a photographer. Going through what I went through I offered to record their day on an OLD camera and an iPhone. Granted the footage was not so great… actually it was pretty bad, but I really enjoyed the process of making the film and documenting the day and my friends were so grateful to have anything! Now I’ve spent more money than I could have imagined and created films that are pretty awesome and super unique to be able to do this full time now!